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RoboSafety showcases safety software at TCXpo

September 29, 2023
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RoboSafety Inc., an Ottawa-based software start-up emerged from stealth mode this week to showcase its new safety engineering analysis tools, designed to make it easier and faster for engineers to determine the safety and reliability of something like a robot or autonomous vehicle and any necessary design changes.

“We are one of only a few firms in Canada focused on the safety engineering of increasingly complex systems. We want to make the world a safer place. It is time for safety engineers to have the tools that are as sophisticated as the devices they are working on,” said RoboSafety CEO, Mary Yazdani.

RoboSafety’s Fault tree analysis. Source: RoboSafety

Yazdani has an enviable track record in start-ups, having launched three companies and through one of them she coached 10 other start-ups last year. She has been recognized as one of Ottawa’s Top Forty under 40, Best Ottawa Entrepreneur and captured the Ottawa Business Award for Best Start-up.

Yazdani trained and worked as a computer engineer in Iran prior to coming to Canada, while her chief technology officer Donia Chaouch arrived from Tunisia. She gained a Master of Engineering at Concordia University and gained 10 years of experience in safety engineering and cybersecurity. Chaouch says the concept for these system safety software tools came while she worked on safety-critical products for the auto industry. She was using safety analysis tools that were more than 30 years old.

Donia Chaouch is the chief technology officer at RoboSafety.

“Safety is a painful process, it is time-consuming and expensive, yet often overlooked initially. We want to transform safety engineering and create a culture of safety for engineers and their managers,” Chaouch added.

“If one looks at safety recalls for things like cars, planes and a wide range of consumer products – often the root causes were either overlooked or missed during design and analysis. Our next-generation tools offer one way of moving towards safety by design,” Chaouch stated.

RoboSafety has support from many sources including Invest Ottawa, the federal Industrial Research Assistance Program, and the firm was selected by Ottawa’s Area X.O. as one of the more innovative firms at the annual TCXpo 2023 event that took place at Area X.O., the autonomous vehicles test facility in Ottawa.


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