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SRTX announces new vertical global HQ in Montreal, Que.

February 1, 2024
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SRTX Announces New Fully Vertical Global Headquarters in Montreal Canada

MONTREAL — SRTX, manufacturer of the patent-pending Sheertex® Rip-Resist knit, announces the inauguration of its new global headquarters. The facility, now fully vertical, marks a milestone in SRTX’s commitment to business growth.

Founded in 2017 by Katherine Homuth, SRTX is manufacturing textiles with materials designed for longevity and environmental responsibility. The new global headquarters, now spanning 300,000 square feet—more than double the size of the first 120,000-square-foot facility, marks a commitment to vertical integration. This expansion positions SRTX to oversee the entirety of the production process, including the in-house extrusion of the high performance polymer Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). SRTX’s goal is to take this polymer and make it available outside its traditional industries of bullet-proof vests, fishing line, and climbing equipment through apparel grade quality and mass market pricing. SRTX says they will not only be using its extruded fibers for Sheertex tights, but will begin introducing new ingredient technologies to the apparel industry like membranes, and fabrics using UHMWPE.

The decision for the headquarters to stay in Montreal was reportedly paramount to the brand. Founder Katherine Hamouth emphasized that this choice transcends mere business strategy; it represents a commitment to bringing manufacturing back to North America. Katherine shares, “Keeping our global headquarters in Montreal is more than a strategic decision. It is an effort to produce a North American factory that is a beacon for others looking for a roadmap to bring manufacturing back to North America through vertical integration and best in class automation. Montreal’s rich textile history is not only a backdrop for our operations, but it is woven into the very fabric of SRTX’s identity. This city has inspired us, nurtured our growth, and provided a home for our innovative spirit.”