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Trelleborg’s Linda Muroski named One of Industry Era’s 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders of 2021

June 2, 2021
By Maryam Farag
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Women in Manufacturing

Photo: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announced that Linda Muroski has been named one of Industry Era’s 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders of 2021.

Muroski is the President of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Marketing Americas and Global Healthcare and Medical.

According to Trelleborg, upon joining the company in 2016, Muroski “led the business to achieve its 2020 strategic plan one year early.”

“Linda’s attitude and approach to her work at Trelleborg is reflective of our company strategy for growth,” says Peter Hahn, Business Area President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. “She understands that collaboration across business units is key and that it’s necessary to trust each other to do our best work. I’ve seen Linda ‘walk the talk’ and lead real change, which is why our team has been so successful under her leadership.”

Recently, Muroski launched the Together 2025 initiative which consists of four key pillars expected to deliver results ― talent, innovation, market, and excellence.

“Linda encourages me to share and develop my ideas into capabilities Trelleborg will rely on for years to come,” said Heather Castleman, Senior Director of Strategy & Marketing, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. “She is a strong supporter of professional development and challenges me to expand my skillset and leadership capabilities. She is a purposeful mentor, and I will be forever grateful for all of the opportunities she’s presented to me during our time working together.