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VIDEO: Interview with Humera Malik from Canvass AI

April 26, 2021
By Mario Cywinski Avatar photo
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Women in Manufacturing

Humera Malik is CEO of Canvass AI, a software provider that empowers industrial companies with actionable intelligence to make data-driven operational decisions. Internationally, Malik is one of the leading voices in artificial intelligence and how it can help the industrial sector to propel growth, accelerate innovation and augment human expertise.

Malik is a recipient of the RBC Women of Influence Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Women of IoT/M2M Award, and was recently named in the list of Top 10 Hot AI IoT Start-ups to Watch. She is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences and has been featured in publications such as Bloomberg and Forbes.

In this episode, Malik speaks about her day-to-day as CEO and Founder of Canvass AI, the barriers she faced as she started out in her career, and how she overcame them. She speaks about gender-related challenges she faced in her journey, and what helped her put all those fears and challenges aside to continue growing. Perseverance was the word she chose to describe her journey, urging all females in the industry to put all doubts aside and to “keep at it and never give up.”