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Women in science and tech: the numbers

March 7, 2021
By EP&T Magazine
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The recently celebrated International Day of Women and Girls in Science, declared by the UN – recognized the critical role women play in science and technology. Looking at the numbers – how many women made it to the top spot in science and tech industries? International data specialists BoldData presents the number of women that hold CEO positions at ICT and manufacturing companies.

Female CEO’s a rarity in ICT

Let’s start with ICT. According to The United Nations female students’ enrolment is particularly low in ICT (3%). This number is reflected in the number of female CEO’s in the ICT industry. Only 2.9% rank the highest executive role at ICT companies around the world.

All-time low in oil industry

Within the manufacturing industry, 2.7% of companies worldwide are led by women. When we take an in-depth look it appears that female CEO’s can mainly be found in such manufacturing industries as apparel (7.2% female CEO’s) and jewelry (6.75%).

Representation within the electronics manufacturing sector remains low, as among 1,009,426 firms – a mere 10,789 females hold the title of CEO. Female CEO’s are still a rarity in heavy manufacturing industry – representing only 1.3%. Zooming into the heavy manufacturing industry, we see an all-time low in the oil and gas industry: just .005% of oil and gas companies are led by women.

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