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Who are the four key players among Canada’s industrial robotics startups?

November 13, 2023
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Industrial robots give companies a competitive edge by helping them automate some of the most time-consuming, tedious and dangerous duties. They also directly support decision-makers grappling with the ongoing challenges of labour shortages and high turnover rates. If you are thinking about adding robotics to your business soon, here are some Canadian industrial robotics startups attracting attention.

Clearpath Robotics

Established in 2009, Clearpath Robotics has gained prominence as one of the Canadian industrial robotics startups that focuses on mobile robots for indoor and outdoor use. Robots that can move across rugged terrain make up the bulk of the organization’s product line. However, OTTO Motors is its industrial arm, featuring self-driving robots that can lift up to 1,500 kilograms.

After a series of successful funding rounds, Rockwell Automation acquired the company in September 2023. The details of what will change are still being worked out, but Clearpath Robotics will likely remain one of the leading enterprises in this space.


Although this startup also specializes in offerings for the medical industry, it is also increasing possibilities in the industrial sector with its robotic arms and cobots. These products suit assembly, material handling and machine tending tasks, reducing physical labour and minimizing workplace shortages. Some of the cobots even handle specific needs, such as welding.

In 2023, Kinova partnered with Bota Systems when the latter company created a kit to help customers mount force torque sensors to one of Kinova’s robot arms using a few supplied screws. Such offerings should help Kinova keep its place in a competitive marketplace by showing customers how industrial automation can be more convenient than they might think.


Statistics indicate companies can achieve a 40% output boost by replacing one critical assembly line worker with a robot. Business leaders are even more likely to get impressive results if they work to find industrial solutions that align with specific needs. Robotiq has carved out a place among Canadian industrial robotics startups by focusing on plug-and-play cobots and tooling products to help customers progress rapidly with their goals.

For example, Robotiq has a pair of adaptive grippers with articulated fingers. These features allow the components to hold various parts or products without requiring customers to change tools. The enterprise also offers a screwdriving kit capable of five-minute changeovers and one-minute screw diameter adjustments.


Entrepreneurs are most likely to succeed as Canadian industrial robotics startups when they focus on filling specific needs and solving customers’ pain points. That is the approach of Avidbots, which has an automated product to clean warehouse and manufacturing facility floors.

Cleanliness is essential in many industrial buildings — especially if an organization works in food and beverage production, where keeping a sanitary environment is essential for regulatory requirements. The Neo 2W can clean up to 42,000 square feet per hour. As of April 2023, Avidbots had more than 1,000 of its robots deployed, with customers in more than 12 countries.

Keep an eye on these Canadian industrial robotics startups

Getting attention in a crowded automation market is not easy. However, these four Canadian industrial robotics startups have captured people’s interest and improved access to purposeful and advanced machines.

Emily Newton is an industrial journalist. She has over five years experience covering the industry as the Editor-in-Chief of Revolutionized.